About Us

Kevin's Restoration was officially started in 1994 in Ridgefield, Washington by Kevin Bischoff. I started with simple beginnings working out of an 800 square foot shop. Basically working evenings and weekends I developed a good reputaion of doing high quality restoration work in particular body and paint. As I was working evenings and weekends at home I carried a day job at Rogers Auto Body in Vancouver, WA doing collinsion repair and some restoration work. In 1998 I was able to build a new 4600 square foot shop with the help of my father on my property in Ridgefield. In 2003 I decided that it was time to take a big step and become my own boss. As I had heard rumors that the current owner of Rogers Auto Body was looking to get out of it, I approached him about the possibility of buying him out or moving on to do my own thing. On February 1st of 2004 I officially took over ownership of Rogers Auto Body and combined the collinsion repair with the Restoration and moved  the restoration projects to the shop in Vancouver.  Thank you for looking